Increase Sales

At Tacoma Business Connection, we keep track of all referrals and the business acquired through our network. While we have a good time at our meetings and have made some lasting friendships, we want to make sure we don’t loose track of what it is we’re here to do – increase sales. Thus, we anonymously submit how much money has been made in our sales and services and share the results regularly at our meetings.

Year to date, we’ve helped our members earn over $24,000, which works out to be around $100 per referral. This shows us our group works, and we invite you to join us so you can make it work for you as well. TBC meets each Tuesday for lunch in Tacoma, Washington. Guests are welcome to attend two of our business referral meetings to experience and evaluate the group. As an extra incentive, we’ll pay for your meal during your visits.

Meetings every Tuesday from 12:oopm – 1:00pm

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